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Commissioned blanket fort book

You read that right. Nathaniel and his better half were commissioned to produce a gift book on the pinnacle of all things awesome: the blanket fort.

Available now wherever books are sold, Blanket Fort: Growing Up Is Optional (HarperCollins/Morrow Gift) is a fun, gifty, and absolutely stunning look at a wide range of DIY projects that will inspire readers to envision cozy hideouts in their living rooms, yards, yoga studios, and work spaces. Each project includes a mix of color photographs and pen-and-ink step-by-step instructional illustrations for making a home within or outside your actual home.

Info, pretty pictures, and behind-the-scenes videos here

Weekly serialized fiction = novel #3

Nathaniel has been publishing weekly serialized fiction with At Large magazine, titled My Life on Rye. Each weekly installment is inspired by a different liquor, and after nearly a year of breakneck writing & tireless research, the full manuscript’s taking shape.

How ’bout them books?

Readers can pick up signed copies of Concrete Fever and Dahlia Cassandra from the comfort of their couch or at their favorite local bookshop.