protagonists on their last legs

Artist statement

I watched my sister’s eyes glint with thoughts that would never be articulated. In my younger days we spoke by wailing, prolonged vowels subverting the formality of language. Eventually I grew conscious of the people around us. We turned to a system of blinks and nods instead.

Adults with authority discounted her ability to communicate. Doctors, teachers, and therapists would see her sitting limp after a seizure and consider it the height of her awareness. Somehow, I could not convince them otherwise. With my sense of truth marginalized, I looked for identifiers as to how the world operates. This search has never stopped.

All of my characters struggle on some level with the individual’s place in society. I am drawn to stories in which protagonists on their last legs discover their true destinies, and either retreat or rise to the occasion. I enjoy exploring misdirected obsessions. Limited vocabularies. Conscious decisions to either punish or reward oneself. I am fascinated with the reasons why people choose where and with whom to settle down, and how that choice influences their sense of identity, purpose, and possibility.

The novels, stories, and plays I want to create are simultaneously haunting and playful. Dark, twisted, and ultimately redemptive. Ambitious in their scope, personal in their execution. Like it was discovering the hidden languages of my childhood, I write to find a deeper truth.